This is SuomiAreena

SuomiAreena is a public debate forum held in July in Pori. 

SuomiAreena is organized by the media company MTV and the City of Pori. SuomiAreena is held simultaneously with the oldest jazz festival in Europe, Pori Jazz; hence the visitors can enjoy lively discussion during the day and musical highlights in the evening. The festival was cancelled in 2020 due the COVID-19 pandemic. The year before i.e. 2019 approximately 73 000 visitors took part in 200 events.

Purpose, vision and values 

The purpose of SuomiAreena is to be an arena for democracy and freedom of speech. SuomiAreena raises important topics and themes by discussing current affairs and societal issues. In SuomiAreena people can create a vision for what Finland and the world should be like in the future. “Our values are openness, multi-voiced debate, equality, courage and relaxedness".  

Organizers and participants

Organizers of SuomiAreena events consist of ministries, governmental and municipal organizations, NGO's, labour market organizations, political parties, companies, etc. The discussion topics are related with politics, society, culture and sports. Along with Finnish activists, politicians and other influential people, SuomiAreena has a large number of international participants. Most notable international guests have been the President of the European Commission José Manuel Barroso and Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon.

Events and Kansalaistori 

The events are free and take place in eight different main stages.

Most SuomiAreena discussions are streamed and the records can be watched any time at mtv-service. 

During the week MTV3-chanel broadcasts over 20 hours of television programs.  

At Kansalaistori visitors can explore NGO’s, ministries’, companies’ and other organizations’ booths.


Discussions at SuomiAreena are open for everyone, but we kindly ask media representatives to accreditate during the summer.

Journalists who have accredited to SuomiAreena can use the press centre which is located in the SuomiAreena-office, Isolinnankatu 12, open from Monday to Friday. The press centre offers an excellent place to work during the hectic week.

Contact Team SuomiAreena

Leea Ollikainen, Event Producer, SuomiAreena, +358407338857,
Tiina Nummenmaa, Event Producer, SuomiAreena, +358406604744,