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What is SuomiAreena?

SuomiAreena is an innovative public debate forum held in the centre of Pori. It is organized by the biggest commercial TV station in Finland, MTV3, and the City of Pori. The event is an opportunity to discuss the future of Finland and Finns, Europe, and the key issues of the world today.
There is free admission to all the events, and everyone is welcome to take part in the debate. The discussion venues are located within a few blocks of the centre of Pori, right by the banks of the Kokemäenjoki.
The “Civic Marketplace” will also be open for three days during the SuomiAreena forum, where various organizations present their activities. The Civic Marketplace marquees will stretch from Pori marketplace all along the pedestrian street.


Where does SuomiAreena take place?

SuomiAreena will be arranged in Pori, a town of 82 500 inhabitants on the west coast of Finland, about 260 kilometers from Helsinki. You will find more information about Pori here:


When is SuomiAreena held?

SuomiAreena will begin on Monday 15th July, and continue until Friday 19th. The Civic Marketplace will be open from 17-19.7. Simultaneously with SuomiAreena, the 48th Pori International Jazz Festival will be taking place.



There is free admission to the SuomiAreena events for reporters.
The SuomiAreena office is located at Antinkatu 6. Computers and Internet access will be available for use by reporters. In addition, photos taken at the various events will be available for use – free of charge.
The contact details for the event’s publicists are Marjo Tiitto tel . +358 50 395 6139.


Pori Jazz

At the same time as SuomiAreena, the 48th Pori International Jazz Festival is being held from 13. – 21. July.

Pori Jazz
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